SCENT TechLabs is a community open to all students, PhD candidates and researchers of the University of Padua

SCENT TechLabs

SCENT promotes the creation of new technology-driven entrepreneurial projects.
Our mission is to support the creation of interdisciplinary groups for the development of outstanding innovation projects.

How to join

Joining the community is simple: all you need is an email address with domain or

  1. Join the SCENT-TechLabs on Slack
  2. Choose the channels that you are most interested in (for example, #ai for artificial intelligence)
  3. Start meeting other members with your same interests
  4. Give space to your passion and start building your project

How we can support you further

  • We can offer you the methodology and feedback useful for the development of your entrepreneurial project.
  • Because innovation is made by people, we also organize events where community members can meet in person. The meetings generally focus on a specific technology or project and can be requested directly by members when they feel they need it.
  • We can create connections with companies and entrepreneurs interested in your innovation proposition.

Technology awareness

Just some of the areas around which we create communities...

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

big data

Big data



augmented reality

Augmented reality


Internet of Things

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Contact us

For more information about SCENT projects, research activities and educational programs, please send us an email

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