Italian Startup Monitor

Technology based startups are fundamental for high growth entrepreneurship. This type of entrepreneurship is crucial to local, regional and national economic development due to higher job multiplier effects. Technology based startups are also responsible for the emergence of new industrial sectors. However, technology based startups or innovation driven entrepreneurship need other forms  of entrepreneurial ecosystems. Academic and policymakers have manifested burgeoning interest toward this type of ecosystems.


Innovative startups are assumed to be agile and flexible enough to benefit from the knowledge spillovers and continuous innovations that are the hallmark of the knowledge economy. They can be created as a result of either academic or corporate spin-offs in the high-technology sectors. They are mainly concentrated in cities or regions with specific entrepreneurial characteristics. However, the dynamics and mechanisms by which innovative startups are created are yet to be fully understood. The  factors that make a region more successful then others need to be investigated.


Identifying the roles of the different stakeholders is very important. Local or regional governments are expected to play a leading role in the promotion of innovative startups but policymakers need findings from research to facilitate the formulation of pertinent policies. The literature so far has been mainly descriptive and concentrated on a few regions. Our research seeks to examine innovative startups from various perspectives and we also intend to look at various geographical settings. 


We have analyzed innovative startups in Italy using official data and data collected from surveys administered by SCENT. 


Italian Startup Monitor 2016

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