Global Entrepreneurship Monitor


GEM is the largest ongoing study of entrepreneurial dynamics in the world.

The international research program began in 1997. The aim was to understand why some countries are more entrepreneurial compared to others. Through well- coordinated data collection effort, GEM is able to provide quality information about nationwide entrepreneurship. In each economy, GEM looks at the following:

- The entrepreneurial behavior and attitude of individuals

- The national context and how it impacts entrepreneurship

GEM is one of the world's foremost cross-national collaborative social science research projects. The research covers 75% of the world population and 89% of world GDP. GEM's goal is to raise awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship by enhancing understanding of the dynamic - in a given country, across countries, and across years. GEM explores the role of entrepreneurship in national economic growth, unveiling detailed national features and characteristice associated with entrepreneurial activity. The program has three main objectives.

  • To measure differences in the level of entrepreneurial activitiy between countries
  • To uncover factors leading to appropriate levels of entrepreneurship
  • To suggets policies that may enhance the national level of entrepreneurial activity

Data collected as part of GEM National Expert Survey (NES) enables the measurement of factors that impact the national entrepreneurial activity.

Starting from 2012, the GEM research in Italy is planned and executed by the University of Padua


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