Entrepreneurial ecosystems

Entrepreneurial ecosystems are vital for the execution of entrepreneurial activities. We focus on the following entrepreneurial ecosystems:

  • Nationwide entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • High-tech entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems related to the green or circular economy

Nationwide entrepreneurial ecosystems are cultivated at the national level. The focus is to unleash and foster entrepreneurship at the national level irrespective of the type of entrepreneurship. These type of ecosystems can be used to diversify economic activities away from large established companies or the exploitation of natural resources. Entrepreneurial activities are claimed to contribute to endogenous economic growth and the generation of employment. More research is needed to show how these ecosystems influence entrepreneurial activities at the national level.

High-tech entrepreneurial ecosystems are a specific type focusing on fostering technology based entrepreneurship which is assumed to have a higher economic impact. They are normally created in a geographic locality or region within a country. There are many stakeholders in these ecosystems but the keystones are the entrepreneurs, venture capital, regional and or national governments and universities. The relationships and interactions among these stakeholders facilitate the self-organization and evolution of these ecosystems. Understanding how these ecosystems function could be useful for regional governments and universities in formulating strategies that will attract other agents. The body of literature on this type of ecosystems is limited necessitating a need for more research.

The green or circular economy is a new phenomenon that is related to sustainability. A new type of entrepreneurial ecosystems is needed to support entrepreneurial activities in the green economy. The phenomenon is gaining tremendous attention at the European and global levels. This is an emerging field is which requires a lot of explorative research.