Knowledge Sharing

Universities are expected to play a significant role in the economic development of regions in addition to the missions of teaching and research. To execute the 'third mission', universities might need to revisit their strategies and reorganize their structures. One of the outcome of the restructuring process is the entrepreneurial university. This type of university play an active role is promoting entrepreneurial activities through knowledge transfer and academic spin-offs.

Our contribution to the sharing of new knowledge is built around the creation of specific networks. 

SCENT Ventures Program Network
The network of the SCENT Ventures Program teacher and mentors

SCENT  Ventures Program Alumni
The network of the SCENT Ventures Program Alumni

SCENT Unipd Alumni Entrepreneurs
The network of the Entrepreneurs Alumni of the University of Padova

The network of the Entrepreneurs between Italy and the USA

SCENT Enterprise 100
The SCENT network of technology-based and innovative companies